Our Vehicle

The Vehicle We’ve Come to Be

Here at Zacapa Girl we recognize that we are also a vehicle in helping the people of our beautiful Guatemala.

In thinking about the best way to help our region, I remembered a remarkable period of my own community. Luis, a little boy from the mountains of Zacapa, was admitted into The Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala city. I watched as his mother and father faced the unknown and lived in daily hope for Luis’s recovery. There, we met other families experiencing the same pain, the same unknown, the same hard work of remaining hopeful.

I was amazed how the evenings brought individual families into one large family.  We shared each other’s stories, prayed for each other’s children, cried together when there was loss, and cheered triumphantly in happy recovery.  I saw a togetherness in helping this family that I don’t believe I will ever see again. Throughout this time, parents slept on cement floors or broken chairs with little comforts for those wakeful nights.  Every room was an open door to personal pain, yet how a stranger’s hugs gave hope, the knowledge that we mattered!  A complete stranger’s gift of coffee and sandwiches gave moments of exquisite and treasured humanity.

This was a window into the potential of humanity like no other, learned not only through the eyes of Luis’s parents, but in the eyes of the families I will never see again. The gratitude each family gave through their words of faith, their actions of giving while they held their own sorrow, was extraordinary.  They gave hope and unconditional love to each other without asking for a thing in return. How words give strength, self-respect, hope and understanding! It is amazing!